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Toshiba Quality Commitment

Here's how it works:

Free Replacement:

If your Toshiba Copier or its accessories do not operate within TABS' product specifications during the term of this program, and if the equipment cannot be repaired to perform within product specification, TABS will replace the Copier or accessory at no charge with a model of equal or better features and specifications.

Free Loaner:
If your Copier, Facsimile or Printer is out of service for more than two (2) consecutive days after notifying your Authorized Servicing Dealer or requires off-site service, a loaner Copier will be provided by the Authorized Servicing Toshiba Dealer at no additional charge.

To Download the Toshiba Quality Commitment Brochure Click Here

Color Copiers
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Color Multifunction
from 23 - 65 ppm
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up to 20 ppm
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from 20 - 45 ppm
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up to 85 ppm
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